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Do you remember when Firefox had a builtin RSS reader, webpages had a subscribe button..

I miss those days.

What Can America Learn from Europe About Regulating Big Tech? | The New Yorker

"Tech can be democratic only when a political process involving voters and representatives, rather than consumers and Silicon Valley thought leaders, has a chance to shape how the tech platforms are run."

-- Marietje Schaake

One of the most epic/longest pieces I ever played on piano: Prelude to War (composed by Bear McCreary, featured in Battlestar Galactica):

This was four years ago, I'm afraid I forgot most already by now, time to practise again perhaps...

Reminder that you should write software which brings joy to people, not anger

Especially avoid writing software that forces people into writing MORE software just to get rid of yours, like popup or ad blockers

Я с вниманием и интересом смотрю к беларусь. Я желаю что люди там достигают цели и диктатор уходит. А боюсь тоже реакцию Путина если он продолжает поддерживать Лукашенко...

Another relaxing saturday optimizing my vim configuration..

Wrote a small command-line tool in Rust to compute shortest edit script (aka Myers' diff) between two strings. Useful for building lemmatisers.

#NoScript in 2020: you know, I would love to read this Bloomberg article but I don't know which of these 14 untrusted domains has the JavaScript that makes the page load.

I just wrote a very nice big function.. I almost don't dare to write tests for it and spoil my illusion that it's perfect...

Tonight, I've been adding some small contributions to tuir: the Terminal UI for Reddit: (a fork of the discontinued rtv)

Browsing reddit from the terminal, on a pinephone even, is quite nice!

We just finished watching Caprica (yes, ten years overdue).. and now I want to make my homeautomation speak with a cylon voice and have red bouncy light on my LED strip..

In 1986 some geothermal teams in communist Romania drilled their way into a subterranean world, a world which had been cut off from the rest of the biosphere for 5.5 million years. No food, water, sunlight, or even radioactive particles from the Chernobyl disaster had made it there, these biologist and cavers were the first. It was warm and full of toxic gases, and it had a lake that was absolutely teeming with creatures. This is Movile Cave in Romania.

The cave was filled with 33 unique and endemic species of troglobites, among them were spiders, centipedes, leeches, and many, many isopods. They fed on a thin gooey film of chemosynthetic bacteria on the water and walls, the first known example of a terrestrial chemosynthetic ecosystem.

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@sir Fyi, trying to post a comment on a sourcehut ticket ( gave me a HTTP 500 the first time around, it did work the second time though...

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