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Tonight, I've been adding some small contributions to tuir: the Terminal UI for Reddit: (a fork of the discontinued rtv)

Browsing reddit from the terminal, on a pinephone even, is quite nice!

We just finished watching Caprica (yes, ten years overdue).. and now I want to make my homeautomation speak with a cylon voice and have red bouncy light on my LED strip..

In 1986 some geothermal teams in communist Romania drilled their way into a subterranean world, a world which had been cut off from the rest of the biosphere for 5.5 million years. No food, water, sunlight, or even radioactive particles from the Chernobyl disaster had made it there, these biologist and cavers were the first. It was warm and full of toxic gases, and it had a lake that was absolutely teeming with creatures. This is Movile Cave in Romania.

The cave was filled with 33 unique and endemic species of troglobites, among them were spiders, centipedes, leeches, and many, many isopods. They fed on a thin gooey film of chemosynthetic bacteria on the water and walls, the first known example of a terrestrial chemosynthetic ecosystem.

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@sir Fyi, trying to post a comment on a sourcehut ticket ( gave me a HTTP 500 the first time around, it did work the second time though...

It seems my pinephone just time-travelled out of the blue! `date` gives `Sun Sep 8 03:59:24 CEST 2115`. No morlock bite marks on the screen fortunately. Wiping off the tachyons just to be safe.

Hooked up our newly installed air condition system to my home automation system; let the 40 degrees celsius sunny summer days commence!

Last handful of
@ubports CE #PinePhone are now available. Once they're sold we will donate the remaining money to the UBports Foundation and close the UBCE campaign.

Buy now and have it shipped soon. NB. DHL shipments only.

I just found out there's a small mastodon instance for language learners and polyglots: ..๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช Eine gute Initiative! ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ธ Voy a seguir algunos miembros, me gustarรญa ver mรกs toots en mรกs idiomas! ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท C'est encore trop anglophone pour moi ici.

Aah.. stack overflow is offline for maintenance? Suddenly I don't know how to code anymore..

Sometimes I wonder about the carbon footprint of current technologies (e.g. CI/CD that spins up a docker container to run literally 5 command and shut it down again, or the machine ops overhead of writing a GUI app in python vs C)... Is there any study on that?

Ik mocht online een cadeau uitkiezen van mijn werkgever (Radboud Universiteit), beetje jammer dat de variabele van de aanbieder nog op "kerstpakket" stond, voelt toch een beetje prematuur zo in juli.

Lesson learned the hard way; always use visudo and never just do vi sudoers and think your change is too simple to get wrong..

My work on the suckless virtual keyboard (svkbd) for sxmo (minimalistic desktop for the pinephone) is coming along nicely! It is quite fun programming in C with nothing but basic Xlib stuff for a change. I feel very retro..

Probably the coolest, most nerdy frontend to OpenStreetMap:

$ telnet

(Use arrow keys to move, and a/z to zoom in/zoom out)

More info at

Tweaking my sxmo installation on my . Running a tiling window manager (dwm) with dmenu on a phone!

I think this is gonna be my favourite over all the fancy interfaces (ubports, phosh). Back to basics and in full control.

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