@michel_slm @keyoxide @yarmo Thanks for the reminder, this was already on my todo list for a while and now I finally set it up, great work @yarmo !

Sxmo 1.7.0 was just released, featuring most of all lots of fixes and small improvements that should make daily usage easier. Thanks to the many contributors!

Release & upgrade notes: lists.sr.ht/~mil/sxmo-announce

tfw Mozilla goes in on crypto nonsense, and the original creators of the Firefox browser call them out on their bullshit.

@amolith I run Arch btw, but don't reboot daily.. at most like once every two/three weeks (often after a pacman -Syu kernel update)

@martijnbraam @bart Yeah, I appreciate that approach as well. I do also have two Arduinos for some stuff. But the Pies integrate a bit more functionality (media center etc) and I've gotten used to their GPIO handling by now. I do also rely on MQTT to push everything around between devices.

@craftyguy @bart Yeah, I'm running Home Assistant on my main server and all of the pies, and have them communicate over MQTT mainly. See github.com/proycon/homeassista

@bart I didn't dare to be too experimental with Alpine yet, so it's RaspiOS still, too much relies on them. I have three throughout the house with loads of sensors, lights, etc connected to the GPIO headers for my home automation. I might try Alpine on the fourth one I'm setting up soonish :)

Frugal computing: developer perspective

On the need for low-carbon and sustainable computing and what developers can do about it.



After 6 long months of waiting, #postmarketOS v21.12 is live! This release contains 8 more devices, bringing our total number supported in stable releases up to 23! This time also featuring #ttyescape, a way to "escape" to a tty with graphical keyboard when things go bad.

Get it now while it's still hot!


@calebccff Just add a ``include ~/.config/sway/`hostname`.conf`` at the bottom of the main conf to import host-specific ones.

In E12 of the podcast we mostly discuss what will be in the upcoming v21.12 release. Such as pre-built images for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 in this super cute picture (CC-BY-SA-4.0 by Nikita Travkin, one of the hidden gems you can find while browsing through the wiki).

Topics include:
* Plasma Mobile Gear 21.12
* More GNOME 41, less forks
* TTYescape 0.2
* mobile-config-firefox 3.0.0
* New devices in community
* Mainlining OP6/SHIFT6mq/Fairphones
* pmbootstrap news


@dx Very informative, but for completion's sake there should also be a "standard gravity" column with only "1g" set to "yes"

i made a helpful diagram of the current state of mobile data and vaccines (mostly about germany)

Just got my developer edition Pinephone Pro! Sxmo already was the fastest environment around, let's see how much smoother things get now with this much improved CPU!

@dheadshot @zachdecook I don't think there's any such difference as a UK/US version. At most you might experience an issue with a specific carrier (I don't know of any though) but that's would not be a sxmo problem.

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