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@xanderio Oh nein! Delenn! Das hatte ich noch nicht mitbekommen und macht mich traurig :( Wieder eine zu fruh gestorben, es gab schon so viele. Sie war groรŸartig.

- "What must happen will happen. Valen said this day would come. Who are we to stand in the way of prophecy?"
- "But what if you're wrong?"
- "Then speak well of me when I'm gone."
Delenn & Lennier, Chrysalis

๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฑ Altijd leuk als Maarten van Rossum aan tafel zit bij , ben het ook zeer met 'm eens dat we ons niet zo op Amerika moeten blind staren maar meer om ons heen kijken in Europa, naar bv. Duitsland.

@cypnk I think most languages still use something like "condenser" and English is the odd one out. It's "condensator" in Dutch, "Kondensator" in German, "Condensateur" in French..

I had to get some things out of my system after this week's storm of the Capitol, all the disinformation that incited the mob, the neglect in the face of a global pandemic (that we also see here), so I wrote a blog post: The Disinformation Age

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Morocco, Algeria, Tunesia, Libya, Egypt

@hisham_hm I had a brief period, long ago, where I used i,ii, iii in my loops. This is how the ancient romans wrote their loops.

@cwebber Lisp isn't really my thing no, I went for "zola" (Rust based) in the end.

After a few days of work, my new simplified homepage is launched! I migrated from hugo, which I found too bloated and complex, to zola. I also removed all external assets and scripts so everything is now javascript free and self-hosted:

@michiel Nah, I like writing markdown better than HTML, and I do want the convenience of some templating.

I'm starting to see why there are so many static site generators out there... none seems to do exactly what I want (and not too much more than that either). Recommendations anyone?

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I regret having made my homepage with hugo two years ago :( It's already become needlessly complex and doesn't build anymore with the latest version, I should have settled on a more minimal generator and theme.

@linmob If you can spare a sentence or a few about sxmo then that would be appreciated :)

At least you have people to communicate with on Matrix, you're one step ahead already :) I kinda wonder why I run my own 'homeserver' at this point.

I just discovered that the word "ansible", taken as a name by the automation/provisioning software from RedHat, was actually invented by sci-fi writer Ursula Le Guin! I just finished her book "The Dispossessed" (recommended!), in which the term is used for an instantaneous/faster-than-light communication device.

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