I think all major social networks, companies, including platforms like google, facebook, instagram, twitch, steam should present a clear banner (по-русски) on their front page to all users accessing from a Russian IP. Show a counter message to the disinformation that state TV presents, reach at least the part of the population that has free internet access. Show them President Zelenski's speech to the Russian population. Free press is Putin's worst nemesis.

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@proycon I think you're right that a free domestic press would be Putin's worst nightmare, but I'm not sure if a similar approach by foreign media would have the same impact. There's a lot of people out there who are receptive to criticism from fellow citizens, but will close ranks when it comes from foreigners.

(I don't think that applies just to Russians. To some extent I do the same when foreign media criticize my country.)

@brecht Perhaps yeah, my main thought was getting the message across to the wider Russian public that reality is unfolding quite differently than as state media presents.

@proycon I only have first-hand experience with China, but based on that the people who want to find out these things will find a way to do so. And the people who are inclined to uncritically believe the state media will likely reject alternative messages anyway, especially if it comes from Westerners.

The bigger mistake (which has already happened in the Chinese case to a large extent) is to alienate even the outward-looking people by becoming completely anti-Russian in our messaging.

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