Я не знаю хорошо что сказать о страшном вторжернии сегодния :(, а ничего не сказать я тоже не хочу.. Я стою с украинском населении, и с многими русскими и белорусами кто хотим свободы и уже долго живут под гнетом диктаторов.

@proycon translated for english-only speakers (by yandex translate)
I don't know well what to say about the terrible invasion today :(, but I don't want to say anything either. I stand with the Ukrainian population, and with many Russians and Belarusians who want freedom and have been living under the yoke of dictators for a long time.
no translation tool can ever perfectly express what Maarten needs to say, but I'm sending prayers from the USA.


@hamblingreen Thanks. Perhaps it might seem a bit ironic I tooted it in Russian, but that's the language I know (albeit poorly) and that most in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia will understand, and the message of support is first of all towards them. Also, I believe we're in this together, this is not Russians vs Ukrainians, both populations will suffer from this, this is autocracy vs those aspiring towards democracy...

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exactly. i've always been insulated from my life being threatened, and it breaks my heart that people are losing their lives in this conflict. all I can hope for is a peaceful resolution.

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