Just migrated all my docker stuff to podman, it's has a less monolithical approach that I find more appealing, whilst offering full compatibility... Let's see how I like it..

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@proycon since it’s daemonless it often tends to break software that directly talk to the docker daemon. if you’re using it purely for the build-and-push workflow you should be ok.

@proycon I started using it over Docker on my internship last week and so far I'm liking it! Not needing root to start my containers is awesome! I love it's daemon-less design too but sadly you still need a daemon for docker-compose, but luckily podman does provide that rootless as well.

@proycon I've been using it two years on my machine along a docker setup in Huygens and I've never had a problem. You can even distribute images created with podman through docker hub to docker users! (Lmk if you run into issues.)

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