New year, new distro upgrades on all my raspberry pis...

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@proycon You better be running #AlpineLinux on them 😉 Are you using several? What for? I just have a single one running as a Bluetooth speaker system

@bart I didn't dare to be too experimental with Alpine yet, so it's RaspiOS still, too much relies on them. I have three throughout the house with loads of sensors, lights, etc connected to the GPIO headers for my home automation. I might try Alpine on the fourth one I'm setting up soonish :)

@proycon Oh so a Home Assistant setup then? Cool! I want that in the future as well but right now my small student dorm doesn't have much to automate lol

@bart @proycon I've been running HassOS (HA's distro) on a small aarch64 thing and it is pretty nice. No issues yet with upgrades. I used to run it on an Arch Linux system and it was almost always a problem upgrading to newer HA releases.

@craftyguy @bart Yeah, I'm running Home Assistant on my main server and all of the pies, and have them communicate over MQTT mainly. See

@proycon @bart I don't use linux based systems for sensors, I don't like using something that needs updates for something so simple. All the sensors are on random ESP boards I have and push the data to mqtt

@martijnbraam @bart Yeah, I appreciate that approach as well. I do also have two Arduinos for some stuff. But the Pies integrate a bit more functionality (media center etc) and I've gotten used to their GPIO handling by now. I do also rely on MQTT to push everything around between devices.

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