My new thing is Japanese second-hand electronics and hardware being reviewed

This one is an Onkyo FR X7A tuner, amp, and speaker set. I also like his presentation because of the calm way he's talking

(The language is Japanese and the auto-translated subtitles are hilariously wrong, but you can get the gist of what he's saying)

The Japanese tend to still refer to capacitors as "condensers". That used to be the old name for them ages ago, but it seems to have stayed the same in Japan

I don't really speak Japanese so a lot of the other terms go over my head. Particularly those related to electronics and such

This is a pretty interesting Japanese YouTuber who repairs electronics, used gadgets and a mishmash of other things

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@cypnk I think most languages still use something like "condenser" and English is the odd one out. It's "condensator" in Dutch, "Kondensator" in German, "Condensateur" in French..

@proycon @cypnk In Czech it's "kondenzátor", where the word "kapacitor" is occasionaly used by college professors when describing the hypothetical ideal component in theory.

@proycon @cypnk
Funny that even in USia(stolen from @djsundog ), points and condensors were a thing in automobiles until we went to electronic ignitions.

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