I regret having made my homepage with hugo two years ago :( It's already become needlessly complex and doesn't build anymore with the latest version, I should have settled on a more minimal generator and theme.

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I'm starting to see why there are so many static site generators out there... none seems to do exactly what I want (and not too much more than that either). Recommendations anyone?

@proycon I like Haunt, but only useful if you're willing to go down a lisp/scheme route (it's in Guile)

@cwebber Lisp isn't really my thing no, I went for "zola" (Rust based) in the end.

@cwebber tempting, but I have a twelve years of history and customisations invested in ikiwiki.

@proycon as a nondeveloper, i picked jekyll over hugo when i was putting together a blog. Seemed simpler. But I've pretty much given up and just use Markdown

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