I don't care much at all about all the over-hyped and probably over-priced Apple fuzz going on now; but I must say I do really like they're gonna air a SciFi series based on Isaac Asimov's foundation series! (I won't be forced into any Apple subscription to view it though, didn't even know they were in the TV streaming business)

@proycon It looks really great and well produced. Another friend here told me that it's been over ten years that someone plans to shoot it… my word.

@loikein Looking forward to it! There are a lot of great SciFi works out there that are worth filming, The Foundation is definitely amongst the top of the list!

As it happens, I am reading the Foundation now. I read the Prelude before, but forgot to read "Forward the foundation". 🙄

But I have some time to go before I will watch the series.

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