I wrote an opinion piece on software, social media, and ethics; our freedoms are being comprised and we need to break free from the walled-in networks created by big tech giants and act as more responsible consumers & producers!

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@proycon Very nice read! One thing stood out to me:

> how would you like it to be able to send e-mail only to people who use the same very mail provider as you do?

Apparently, people don't mind. Today “email” is synonymous with “Gmail”, to some. Most of the world's email is sent via Gmail, to the point where people who self-host mail have to take specific steps to be able to send mail to Gmail users without it going straight to spam. “Why don't you just use Gmail”, they say.

@x Thanks for reading it and commenting!

I agree, people too often don't care, and that is precisely the main problem. Gmail swallows up way too many people indeed, this is a concerning development. It's not entirely new as Microsoft's hotmail held a similar position over a decade ago. Still, at least in academic circles, I fortunately still see lots of people not using gmail (but their university mail for instance).

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